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Friday, May 16, 2008

Traditional Chinese Art - Chinese Paintings

For itself of Chinese painting, it is an extremely difficult art. Present skill of Chinese painting can be exactly summarized with two words "brush and ink". "Brush and ink" in Chinese painting is just the most significant means to form abstract present of Chinese Painting. Two words of "brush and ink" should have three explanations nowadays. The first one is the names of tool materials of Chinese painting (ink-wash painting), which just refers to the brush and the ink. The second one is it is the general name of traditional present skill of Chinese painting (using brush and ink). The third one is it not only refers to accumulated experience and traditional essence, but also includes a variety of present skills developed, enriched and innovated based on traditional skills of using brush and ink.

Tool materials of Chinese brush and ink have very complex functions of application: Use the brush's center, side, loosed, free or adverse part with skills of rapidness, slowness, lifting, pressing, pausing and transiting. Use strong, light, dry, wet, withered or moist ink with skills of amass-ink, splash-ink, cleave-ink and lodge-ink. With the skill of using water, there are endless skills. These infinite skills present various visional types, such as large or small, thick or light, long or short, square or round, transverse or upright, wind or straight, light or weight, numerous or simple, void or real, motive or quiet, light or thick, gathering or dismissing, open or close, slow or quick, strong or weak, serious or free, young or old, simple or colorful, quiet or busy, vigorous or charming, bright or dark and grant or elegant. With the present style of general line, unique sculpt skill of using brush and ink in Chinese painting is built.

In Chinese painting, both nice and fluent traditional Chinese realistic painting with its excellent and unique present to characters, grasses, flowers, birds, mountains and water and natural vigorous traditional Chinese freehand painting with its powerful romantic charm not only come from internal artistic spirit of artists, but also spring from brush, rice paper and Chinese ink. Chinese painting will show its gloss with its unique character forever.

5 Ways Art Can Save You Money in a Recessive Economy

Art is synonymous in our minds with luxury and expensive tastes, but I beg to differ from this image of art. I have been an artist for many decades now and have afforded art as a loving companion by my side in good times and bad

This article is to give very basic ideas on how including art in your life in the current times of economic recession can help to save your money and provide stress relief. Whether you live alone or have to sustain the costs of a family there are many ways in which you can use art to provide quality time for yourself as well as your loved ones and also reduce costs

Tip no. 1 - Creative entertainment instead of expensive pastimes

The most common way to spend weekends outside is either watching a movie or sharing a meal with friends and family at a good restaurant, this can average a good deal of money per outing.If you convert even one such weekend outing into an art project you will add to your savings.

Families can spend quality time together to paint projects like a canvas painting made with hand prints of the entire family on one canvas with every member of the family picking a color of their choice. Friends can do the same to create a masterpiece to match the decor in your home. In any case the resulting masterpiece (or not) can always be refined/refinished by coming up with a few ideas together. This results in spending time creating your own entertainment instead of passively sitting in front of a screen and is also much cheaper in cost

Tip No. 2 - Make instead of buy

Every time I buy a greeting card I regret not having made one instead. Simple stamped images that are easy to fill in can result in beautiful handmade cards that are appreciated by the receiver.You (and your family) will spend time in creating original artworks that will not only provide quality time but also save on buying cards. You can get several ideas for making cards on the internet that can be extended to kids and adults alike

Tip No. 3 - Recycle

Recycle older items with art instead of buying new. How many times have you looked at a pair of jeans or a top that is almost new but you don't know what made you buy it? Or an item that you have used and are now bored with. Collect all such items from your closet and decide to have a 'Refinishing Day' with friends, ask them to do the same with their clothes. Sit down together with each garment and come up with simple ideas on how it can be given a new look with a little fabric paint and a few embellishments. The result will be a few pleasurably spent hours and a new wardrobe. You can extend the ideas to many more objects like handbags etc, Double savings and more fun!

Tip No. 4 - Create gifts instead of buying

Create gifts and gift bags and you won't have to spend a bundle on every occasion. You can create many unique gifts like hand painted mugs, candles, painted birdhouses, aprons, tote bags planters etc.

There are many ready to finish gift items available in Art stores that can be finished into beautiful gifts. This is an opportunity to nurture your own creativity and also make someone feel special. Hand made gifts are very special and endearing to those who receive them. My friends no longer accept store bought gifts from me; they always insist that I give them something that I have created or recycled with art. My gifts are treated as unique and always given a special place in their home. This is a result of the tradition that I have created over time of making small art objects for my friends and it is a great tradition

Tip No. 5 - Nurture a culture of art in your household

Educate yourself about different ways in which art can find a place in your home and spread this art awareness to your kids. You will be amazed at the different and numerous ideas that kids come up with to recycle objects and create gifts once their creative instincts are awakened. Keep basic art supplies available in your home so that quick little impromptu projects can be finished in whenever time permits

Art can be a great savior of money and a stress reliever in the current times of tight budgets and uncertain job scenarios if you make it a part of your everyday lives. It gives a constructive direction to your mind and helps to nudge you to think positively in a negative environment. The habit of art if inculcated into children can help to equip them to live in good and bad times with the same alacrity.

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