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Sunday, April 27, 2008

How To Draw Flames

When you master and know how to draw flames you will find that you will be able to move on to draw bigger and better things. Learning how to draw flames is quite easy. The first thing to do is to take a match and light it look how the flame moves in the wind take note of the shape and color and take your pencil in your hand.

First you need to decide on the shape of the flame at this stage you don't need to worry about the details just the shape of the flame you have in your head. Most people when learning how to draw flames go for the S shaped flame to get them going as this is the easiest to draw. The S shaped flame will be the outer shell of your drawing.

Once you have your shape the next thing you need to do when learning how to draw flames is get the design of the flame in your head the design is what your going to put inside your S shaped shell. Now you could go a lot of different ways with this. You could for instance just put a smaller version of the actual S shaped flame inside or you might want to put lots of smaller flames in your main shell all with different shapes and sizes its really up to the artist.

Next thing to do when learning how to draw flames is to put colour into your drawing. This will really bring your flames to life once again strike a match and take a look at the colour of the flame the tip of the flame and its core are usually blue and the further out you look you will see the color red and orange on the outside. At this stage you really do just need to use a bit of your imagination.

I cannot stress this enough. When your just starting to learn how to draw flames you must use you imagination as much as possible. Picture in your mine the flame you just saw and memorise the way it moved and take note of its color. Like I said before once you know how to draw flames you can then go on to learn more and go on to draw bigger things like fireballs and flames with faces to put a bit of fun into your art.

The important this to remember is to put as much imagination into your flames as possible. If you would like to learn how to draw just about anything in record time I have found and used my self this grate little website you can click the link here:



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