HOW TO DRAW: Fantasy Art Warrior Women-Pictures of Cats-Drawings of Scorpions-Paint Them With Oils

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fantasy Art Warrior Women-Pictures of Cats-Drawings of Scorpions-Paint Them With Oils

As far as oil painting goes it's not as scary as some people think. If you want to create the visions that are in your head, be it fantasy art warrior women, pictures of cats, drawings of scorpions, or if you hope to one day obtain landscapes still life portrait commissions, whimsical angel drawings, you might want to consider oil painting as your goal. It is to me, the most respected medium.

It's true! Painting with oils may seem way scary, but it isn't at all really!

Lots of people get stuck into doing acrylics, watercolors or feel content to just draw. That is fine of course, those mediums are great, but oil painting need not be excluded because you think it is too hard.

I confess! When I first started painting with oils? I felt it was just so overwhelming to begin.

One thing I would do to get over fear of painting, and this is not exclusive to oils, is be a Jackson Pollack for the day. You can still slather on the paint to create pictures of cats, drawings of scorpions or fantasy fairies, just be loose about it. No pressure for realism.

Turn on your favorite music, pump up the volume and get ready for an art dance, or should we call it a dance of learning to play with art?

First find a piece of plywood lying around, or anything really. Search out some old house paint or go to the hardware store and buy some of their sale stuff.. just a few colors is fine. It does not have to be a major expense, in fact, that is the point, in order to free yourself up, it needs to be as little expense as possible. Find some old junk.. old jewelry, even Christmas wrapping paper or weird things you come across. Next take it all outside and PLAY! Just PLAY.. no pressure for anything to turn out. Dump stuff on the plywood and be a Pollack for the day. Let it dry and then go back and play again over the same piece, building up a patina effect. Metallic paints are great for this too!

OK, so after that you should feel a certain sense of freedom about painting. Now lets try some oils on canvas! How fun! (Yup no grumbling, this is gonna be fun.)

When oils are thinned down with turpentine they have a lot more ease. You can make it all really sloshiy (my word for messy) and PLAYFUL! That doesn't mean you only use thinned down oils but just think about that and use it as you will. Start out thin and end with thick.

First paint a background on as large a canvas as you can. The larger the better. I find that if you paint a small work it is actually more scary. You tend to tighten up and fret more. When the canvas is big you KNOW you have to really get in there and paint or it will take you forever. There is freedom to it.

Try 'sketching' with your sloshy colors and oil paints. Starting with your darkest colors 'slather' on your base, be it fantasy art warrior women, images taken from female photography, or lords of the middle ages PLAY. Then let it sit for a day or two. Go back after some drying time and add your medium toned colors, then let that sit.. give yourself a rest for a fresh look at your progress as well as some drying time. Lastly add your lights and highlights.

Cover it up and be a touchy artist! Don't let anyone see your work and/or let them lend comment. Others might sway your confidence because they cannot possibly see what is inside your heart and the end result. You may not either but the FEELING is there.. only worry about the feeling. Matisse said to feel the colors. Play with the colors as you create to one day produce fantasy art warrior women, pictures of lambs or landscapes still life portrait commissions is that is your goal. Learn to Play! This is what will set you free to paint by instinct rather than rules.



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I have illustrated for Hay House Inc.,"Women Who Do Too Much" CARDS, taken from Anne Wilson Schaef's book. I also illustrated for Neil Davidson, who was considered for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, and several other publications. My paintings are collected worldwide.

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